& all that jazz

Maybe it's because I'm a minority & we love fruit-flavored things but I can not even begin 2 tell u how much I love the new Jazz by Diet Pepsi.

I found it during my lunch break at jury duty in downtown brooklyn. It was delicious! I had the strawberry & creme flavor. I couldn't get enough.

They also have a black cherry french vanilla flavor, I guess it was a response 2 Diet Coke's black cherry vanilla flavor, which was a response 2 Pepsi's wild cherry, which was a response 2 cherry vanilla Dr. Pepper. I don't care, I love these jazz flavors better than the others.

If u miss the old vanilla Coke u can always sign the petition to bring it back, but don't hold your breath because these new jazz flavors r amazing. Yummo!

i even drink it at work


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