There are people who buy toys & there are people who buy toys in the package. But some people don't just want their toy to be new in the package, they want the package to be new. That's right, they want the cardboard box (or the card that hangs off the peg) to be new as well. No bends, or creases or cuts. So those people turn to this company which will have a team of toy scientists examine the toy & the toy package & give it a grade out of 100. That's right, the package! I really don't like containers as a concept so the idea of keeping my toys in the package is absurd to me. I bought one of these toys that was AFA graded 80 & it came in a museum-quality hard acrylic case that was quite professional looking but it was sealed so I was left with no choice but to open the case the only way I knew how:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Free! You're free! Run free! Enjoy your life O little toy!

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