Meet Me On The Subway

I live near the end of the line on the F train so the train is nearly empty when I get on. It really annoys me when I see people put bags on the seat next to them on the subway in the morning.
her bags r on the seat 2 her left
These people don't seem to realize that the train is not going to remain empty. People are going to get on the train because it's (for lack of a better term) "Rush Hour!" At some point someone will get on the train & ask them to move the bag & sit down right next to them. It's so utterly pointless that they try to prevent people from sitting next to them. It's...what was that term again? Oh yes: RUSH HOUR!

I make sure I never put my bag on the seat next to me & not just because I can get a ticket from some cop who wants to produce a paper trail as evidence that he's working instead of, oh, I don't know, preventing an actual crime. The real reason is: I don't want anyone to speak to me or interact with me in anyway. The last thing I want, is to hear someone say "Excuse me, is this your bag? Could you please move it?" I don't want any contact with anyone, that's why I don't spread my legs apart when I sit down, even though it would be way more comfortable. I don't want to feel someone rubbing their legs against mine. People who do that or who take up two seats with their bag are idiots.

If you don't like strangers so much that you want to prevent them from sitting next to you, why would you do something that invites a conversation with them? It's like having to meet new people every morning, I don't want to meet people. I hate meeting people! It's true. You would know this if you were a member of one of the 3 groups I used 2 organize this past year on that website designed for, umm, meeting people.


Anonymous Chelsa said...

Good words.

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