Potty Humor

I've accepted the fact that there are still many men who don't know what a urinal is or what it's for. I've accepted the fact that I have to contend with finding "#1" on the toilet seats in public restrooms at restaurants, movie theaters & my office. (Seriously, if you can't aim, sit down.) It's surprising that these men don't lift the seat considering the never-ending debate about the state of domestic toilet seats. I have also accepted the fact that men think of the bathroom as a library no matter where they are.

Winnie the...At my last job, at least once a week there was a copy of the sports section on the floor left there by the considerate guy before me who didn't want me to be bored as I visited the 100 acre woods. I remember one day when some guy next to me must not have been reading anything very interesting because he started to snore. Yes, snore. I didn't realize those stalls could be so comfortable. I tried to leave quietly but he woke up when I flushed.

I tried to avoid using the bathroom if my co-worker was in there. He was one of those guys who thinks it makes him cool to "not care" about social norms (so it's pointless to correct him) but he doesn't realize that it makes him come across as an abrasive weirdo. Luckily I can wash my hands very quickly so I was able to leave right away that day we were in there at the same time:

He recognized my sneakers under the stall one Friday evening & he decided that it was the perfect time to ask me about my plans for the weekend.

In between the sounds of him "dropping the boys off at the pool."


Anonymous Koisuru said...

We have the same problem at my office with the ladies too!! you would think they would be considerate enough to allow you to leave the room before..ahem...letting loose...but no!!! I understand that is what bathrooms are for, but DUDE!!! You can't wait 2 seconds to spare me!!! And for the love of heaven!!! If you know u go to the bathroom everyday at 3:15 bring a set of matches!!!

Those are my 2 cents and I am sticking to them...LOL!!!

7:18 AM  

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