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I have an unlimited Metrocard for the NYC subway which lasts 30 days, regardless of when you buy it. The Metro-North commuter trains do not work that way, they sell monthly cards that are tied to the actual calendar month because they have conductors who look at your monthly pass. I used to have both cards in a small wallet with a window that allowed me to both show the Metro-North card & store the unlimited card. So when I lost my card holder at Union Pool during the Idiotarod, I decided to buy a card holder like the one I use for my work ID.

I have a fancy black crocodile leather ID holder; it's really nice & everyone likes it. Keep the Winchester brothers away from meI only bought it because the free ID holder my company gave me apparently got wet in the rain too many times & the ink of my photo stuck to the plastic. My old ID ended up having a ghostly image of my face on it & was unusable. I replaced my ID & put it in my new ID holder. It has a small hole in the window that allows air to flow so if it does get humid the ink won't come off the ID. Now my work ID actually looks like me.

After I lost my Metrocard holder I ordered a purple leather ID holder for $33.42 & that same day after work I went to the 99ยข store:
Who else is going to buy this?


Blogger Maurice Mitchell said...

No way. Are you saying they had the holder at the 99cent store? I'm sure it waqsn't as nice, but still...
BTW thanks for visiting our blog!
- Maurice Mitchell
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