Slim Jims & Mouthwash

A high school buddy of mine is in Afghanistan. I asked him if he wanted me 2 send him anything & he only asked for Power Bars, candy, Slim Jims & mouthwash. So I sent him what he asked for. A few weeks later my brother & his wife came to NYC to visit & he told me he was being sent to Iraq!

Great, just great.

I have been against the Iraq war since the beginning. It's like if after someone attacks your wife, the police tell you they aren't going to go after the attacker (who already confessed on video) instead, they're going to go after some other guy who they think might - maybe - possibly - someday - attack someone else. It makes me think that if Bush were president during the attack on Pearl Harbor he would have invaded Australia.

Pro-War & Pro-CowardiceOf course you can't talk about this stuff with Neo-Cons (or if you prefer: GOPedophiles, WingNuts, RepubliKKKans, Repugnicans, Repubes, Repigs, Repukes, etc) because then they call you a traitor who doesn't support the troops. Right.....because I don't support the troops or as I like to call them: my family & my friends.

I don't argue with them but I do let them know that the government has created a new social networking site for people who support the Iraq war to prove their patriotism to liberals who call them "chickenhawks."


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