Hypocrite SJW Protesters

When some innocent black kid is killed nobody cares. Nobody "protests" because it's usually at the hands of another black person, so Social Justice Warriors stay quiet.

But if Michael Brown a criminal in Ferguson dies, or Eric Garner a criminal in NYC dies, then it's time to protest, riot & loot. These "protesters" are hypocrites because they could be the solution but instead choose to be the problem. Sensitivity training won't stop these deaths, not-breaking-the-law will stop these deaths.

These protests don't solve anything. They give people the impression that the protesters & blacks want to be able to break laws without consequences. It comes across as a black death matters only when it's the hand of a white person, because that' when the protests happen. These protests make race relations worse because then every non-black person is on-edge expecting every black person they encounter to errupt in anger & blame them for something they didn't do. The protests accomplish nothing except to provide SJWs with pictures for their instagram accounts.

If these "protesters" really believed that "black lives matter" they would do something to prevent blacks from becoming criminals in the first place. They would prevent these kids from breaking the law.

Instead of tweeting or posting or marching or looting, these "protesters" should put up or shut up.
Those "protesters" aren't mentoring as Big Brothers.

Those "protesters" aren't volunteering to tutor under-performing kids.

Those "protesters" aren't becoming foster parents or adopting foster kids.

Those "protesters" aren't donating to schools.

Those things solve problems, but they are hard. It's easier to go chant nonsense in the streets & burn down buildings than it is to do something positive.


Shows that suck 2014

After so many great TV shows (Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, Lost, 24, etc.) there have recently been so many terrible shows that I have to complain about them.
try to resist me & don't watch my show

Z Nation sucks
My eyes hurt from rolling them so much during this show. The actors are all terrible & the dialogue is not believable. The colors are so washed out, that things look clean, not dreary. The survivors aren't scared of the zombies so why should the viewers be? The survivors also seem to enjoy the apocalypse. New zombies are fast & slow down the longer they are undead but they aren't consistent with that rule so some zombies run & some don't even try to eat the survivors. The survivors yell but zombies don't approach & somehow in the year 3AZ there is still electricity running through a pay phone. & somehow a baby learns to run after it becomes undead? I stopped watching this crap after 3 episodes.

Forever sucks
He’s basically Sherlock Holmes, & that is not interesting. It’s just another police procedural & not as good as New Amsterdam. So it's already boring but there is also the nonsense that an immortal guy somehow works for the nypd, but nobody notices he's always walking out of the ocean naked. Because surveillance cameras don't exist in NYC, so he never gets filmed dying or walking naked out of the river. I stopped watching after the 2nd episode

The Strain sucks
This show calls itself a vampire show but this is not a vampire show, they are leech people. The 1st episode was heavily based in reality but they quickly abandoned it for a world where some girl can turn off the internet & 2 people can discuss a quarantine of NYC without any politicians & without any sense of urgency. This is another show where people do not react in a realistic manner to what's happening like when a dad doesn't question how his 11 year old got to his house from the airport all alone. Or when a musician who just had a threesome has his penis fall off & he doesn’t care. These leech people aren't scary either because an old holocaust survivor is able to easily kill them. There is a leech "master" who is a laughable caricature of the master from the 1st season of buffy. This garbage show was renewed on the strength of the author's name alone so people with terrible taste will enjoy another season of bad TV. But I stopped after the 1st season.

The Leftovers sucks
It’s Left Behind except it isn't Left Behind because they said in the 1st episode it isn't Left Behind (but it is). 2% of the planet's population vanishes & the reactions made no sense. People join a cult where they smoke cigarettes, take a vow of silence & wear white. Some girl abandons her fiancé & joins the cult for no reason. What kind of stupid cult is that?? Did anyone do any kind of research into how cults work. But people don't become religious. The churches don't capitalize on the event & deny it's Left Behind. Then there is the pedophile cult leader of a different cult who is maybe magic. (Because now magic is real?) As if that wasn't enough the show has yet another incompetent father. Then there is someone who is maybe an angel, maybe an alien, maybe a ghost guy. I don't know & I don't care. This is another show where people do not react in a realistic manner to what's happening. I stopped watching after 2 episodes because there were too many stupid premises. Not everything on HBO is good.

Believe sucks
The little telekinetic girl threw a temper tantrum every single episode & was generally terrible to her dad. She quickly became unlikeable. The bad guys chasing her & her dad could find them but chose not to abduct her for some stupid reason. The FBI somehow couldn't find a girl who would levitate police cars in broad daylight. I never finished watching the 1st season. Thankfully, it was cancelled.

Bitten sucks
How did this nonsensical werewolf show get renewed? Their werewolf society makes no sense. There is apparently only 1 pack in all of America & if you don't live with them, they call you a mutt. Then they send 1 guy to harass you so you can never have a stable home, he is able to travel the country & somehow be a college professor at the same time. Of course 5 of the werewolves don't live with them but they are still part of the pack? The mutts formed their own pack but that doesn't count? After watching Teen Wolf & the werewolves on Vampire Diaries, this show does not know what it's doing when it comes to creating a mythology about a secret society. Watching Supergirl get undressed is not enough reason to watch this junk.

Gotham sucks.
It's just a police procedural which means it's boring by default. Fish Mooney is not scary. She is constantly giving info to the cops in the open, Falcone would have shot her by now. Everyone is 10 years older than Bruce. The actor who plays Gordon is angry. All. The. Time. The show might be better if they focused more on the criminals, not just the main villians but minor ones like The Ventriloquist, Firefly, Magpie, etc. I've already downgraded this to background noise show & will finish the season but I doubt adding Diana to the cast will help.

From Dusk till Dawn: The Series sucks
I know it's based on old grindhouse type b-movies but it was still bad. Richie was incredibly annoying & it wasn't clear if his visions were real or hallucinations. It's a vampire show, either one is fine, but it wasn't clear. There was more bad writing but trying to watch a bad b-movie every week takes it's toll, even with Eiza González. It got renewed for another season so maybe it got better. Maybe I’ll try it again when nothing is on or as background noise

Salem sucks
This guy comes back to town but his sweetheart is married to someone else. Now Tom Sawyer is angry all the time. But they didn't spend enough time on the love story for you to care about either him or the girl. In fact, I didn't care about anyone in the town. They were all annoying characters with no redeeming qualities. Then people keep getting killed, but if you don't care, it doesn't matter. I stopped watching after 3 episodes. It got renewed for another season so maybe it got better. Maybe I’ll try it again when nothing is on or as background noise.


Pedo Pope

I can't believe they made this guy a saint.

I couldn't find meme images of him I liked so I made my own.

He enabled all those kids to keep getting molested.

Feel free to share these or you can make your own here.