Sometimes it sucks being a geek.

I went to a movie that I did not want to go see. My friend suggested it because she likes comedies & I have the hardest time saying "no" to my friends when they want something. So we went to see...evan almighty. I'm a geek so I notice a lot of those "easter eggs" that movies & tv shows have these days, those little in-jokes that you can find if you pay attention. For example Stan Lee has a small role in most of the marvel comics movies: The Hulk, Spider-man & Fantastic Four. I'm pretty good at it so I was able to notice a 1 second shot of a newspaper headline in a library cart being pushed past Lex Luthor on the tv show Smallville that read: "Themyscirian Queen Addresses the Vatican." It was very exciting for me because I knew that Themyscira is the island home of Queen Hippolyta & Queen Hippolyta is the mother of...Wonder Woman! Which meant she could possibly show up on Smallville.

During Evan Almighty [spolier alert!] I immediately recognized "Alpha & Omega Hardware" & chuckled while my friend didn't, so I explained that God is the beginning & the end. When the ark was under construction & Evan's life was falling apart, I complained that it didn't make any sense for God to ask him to build an ark because there was no way that God was going to make it flood because we have rainbows. Rainbows are caused by light being refracted through water particles "What?" she said. I explained that God told us after the first flood that rainbows would become a sign that He would never flood us again. Sure enough, after the movie flood (He didn't cause it) there is a very visible rainbow. Because we were in NYC only the two of us got the intended significance of that scene.

But it sucked to be a geek during the part when God is finally convincing Evan to build the ark. Evan tells God that he can't build an ark because he moved to D.C. with a lot of plans. So God started laughing. Then I started laughing.

Get it?

Well, no one else at the theater did either, except me. So when I realized I was the only one laughing I stopped. It totally ruined the moment, to hear just the sound of my own laughter in the audience. I realized that the people in the audience just didn't know enough to get the joke so I had to wonder why they even bothered to buy tickets to this movie. Did they not see the commercials? It's a religious movie with a great little sermon that actually made me think. The movie mixed religion with politics, in fact it reminded me of that book by Jim Wallis which everyone should read. I still can't believe I was the only person there with a religious background. After I had pointed out a bunch of religious symbols my friend said "Wow, you're a good Catholic" which is just so not true.

Still wondering about the joke? If you have to explain a joke then it's not funny. You would have found it funny if, like me, you had ever heard the expression "Man plans & God laughs." lol! ^_^

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