Hypocrite SJW Protesters

When some innocent black kid is killed nobody cares. Nobody "protests" because it's usually at the hands of another black person, so Social Justice Warriors stay quiet.

But if Michael Brown a criminal in Ferguson dies, or Eric Garner a criminal in NYC dies, then it's time to protest, riot & loot. These "protesters" are hypocrites because they could be the solution but instead choose to be the problem. Sensitivity training won't stop these deaths, not-breaking-the-law will stop these deaths.

These protests don't solve anything. They give people the impression that the protesters & blacks want to be able to break laws without consequences. It comes across as a black death matters only when it's the hand of a white person, because that' when the protests happen. These protests make race relations worse because then every non-black person is on-edge expecting every black person they encounter to errupt in anger & blame them for something they didn't do. The protests accomplish nothing except to provide SJWs with pictures for their instagram accounts.

If these "protesters" really believed that "black lives matter" they would do something to prevent blacks from becoming criminals in the first place. They would prevent these kids from breaking the law.

Instead of tweeting or posting or marching or looting, these "protesters" should put up or shut up.
Those "protesters" aren't mentoring as Big Brothers.

Those "protesters" aren't volunteering to tutor under-performing kids.

Those "protesters" aren't becoming foster parents or adopting foster kids.

Those "protesters" aren't donating to schools.

Those things solve problems, but they are hard. It's easier to go chant nonsense in the streets & burn down buildings than it is to do something positive.