Burlesque is stupid

Can't I go dancing without being subjected to a crappy burlesque performance?Goth Girl Burlesque

It doesn't matter if I go to a Goth party (pictured), a Swing dancing party, a Tango party, a Burning Man party or even a wrestling show. The dancing will stop so that some girl can get on stage & take off some, but not all, of her clothes. I don't go to strip clubs & I don't want a pseudo-stripper who isn't even naked interrupting my night. I just want to dance.

I always hear the women in the audience hooting louder than the men for these girls. Am I the only one in New York sick of burlesque? What is the appeal of this nonsense? There is free nudity all over the internet. Burlesque is the stupidest thing ever. Do they really think it's empowering? It isn't. It's partial stripping & when audience members, usually women, put dollar bills in the girl's panties they turn the burlesque girls into actual strippers.

Sure, sometimes there is a girl that is attractive & I take pictures (what else is there to do during her "performance") like this one at an independence day party, but this is rare.
Super Rare Two Attractive Girls

I obviously don't take pictures of the usual burlesque performers: girls who should spend more time at the gym or taking dance lessons & less time buying past(r)ies.