Photoshopped Boys

I saw this poster on the train one morning & a friend of mine told me how she would like to have legs like those, even if just for one day. I was shocked that anyone would find these bones attractive, especially a woman. They aren't feminine at all, there are no muscles or curves or shape. If I came across a woman in real life with legs like that I would buy her a Big Mac, or 3. Some men have also been conditioned to think these unnaturally skinny women are attractive. It doesn't make sense because they still love big breasts, which you don't find on women who are starving to death.

This bizarre "skinny woman as the ideal" comes from the fashion industry. Skinny fashion models look like young men. Just look at that poster, those legs belong to a young boy. That's right, fashion models are skinny because gay men run the fashion industry & they find men attractive. This is not my personal theory, nor is it new, nor is it homophobic. Men don't actually prefer small boyish features on a woman, they're just concerned with the unattainability of the model. They don't even realize those models look like young boys. It's sad because this focus on skinny bodies also pushes girls to want to be skinny. I've cringed watching anorexic & bulimic women on intervention doing things they learned on a pro-ana site.

The poster girl is totally fake. Some people forget that every single image on posters & magazines is photo shopped. Watch this video with your own eyes:

Europe is considering disclaimers on photoshops. I don't need disclaimers because I can tell by the pixels and from having seen quite a few 'shops in my time. There are a lot of bad ones & some are so obvious that they make the news. Luckily some models don't like being photoshopped.

Real women don't look like that poster, they aren't that skinny. Women shouldn't look like boys, they should look like women, like Joan from Mad Men. Women genetically have wider hips & are designed to have fat around certain parts, it should be celebrated. Women should be curvy, like Spider-Woman. That's a real woman. Well, except that she's a drawing, but real women don't look like that right?