I need some blue spandex

I decided to check Ricky's 4 blue tights, I've worn tights before, 2 years ago when I was Peter Pan for Halloween, but now I needed light blue tights for my new costume.

skeletor: lord of destruction The 80s are back so this year I'm going to be Skeletor. He has blue skin so I needed tights, but I couldn't find them anywhere. Luckily there is a Ricky's by my job so I walked over on my lunch hour & checked the entire store, there were tons of costumes but nothing I could use, they did have a large makeup selection which would be helpful.

As I slowly made my way out of the store, I noticed a short girl on her cell, using the store as her personal phone booth. She wasn't even pretending to browse. Just standing in the way with her bike chain around her waist. I looked her right in the eye because I recognized her voice. I ran into her last year at the Brooklyn Museum when I went to see Pharaoh's Daughter perform.

She didn't recognize me today so I walked out of the store but then I decided 2 go back & talk to her because it's always nice to talk to someone at lunch. I smiled at her & she ended her phone call when she started to recognize me.

Hey, I ran into u last year at the Brooklyn museum. "Right", she said, "you looked different then." I replied: Yes, I had longer hair & I didn't have this flavor saver, that was when she figured out why we had spoken to each other at the museum, so she decided to confirm: "We slept together right?"


& all that jazz

Maybe it's because I'm a minority & we love fruit-flavored things but I can not even begin 2 tell u how much I love the new Jazz by Diet Pepsi.

I found it during my lunch break at jury duty in downtown brooklyn. It was delicious! I had the strawberry & creme flavor. I couldn't get enough.

They also have a black cherry french vanilla flavor, I guess it was a response 2 Diet Coke's black cherry vanilla flavor, which was a response 2 Pepsi's wild cherry, which was a response 2 cherry vanilla Dr. Pepper. I don't care, I love these jazz flavors better than the others.

If u miss the old vanilla Coke u can always sign the petition to bring it back, but don't hold your breath because these new jazz flavors r amazing. Yummo!

i even drink it at work