Say Cheese!

"Why can't you post your photos on Facebook like everyone else?"
A friend of mine actually wrote this to me in an email & I couldn't stop laughing when I read it. Facebook photos suck.

I would never use Lamebook to share photos because I own a camera that takes really good detailed pictures. Why would I then ruin those photos by uploading them to AOL-book?

Failbook automatically resizes photos & reduces the resolution of every picture so it can make the file smaller. (They do this because they don't actually make any money & have to save somehow. They do reserve the right to make money off your photos.) Now that your compressed photos are on their site you can show everyone your blurry low-resolution pictures. Wheee! Counter-productive fun for everyone!

If you make the mistake of downloading a picture from Feacesbook don't try to print it out or use it as your desktop wallpaper, because you can't. The quality is poor & having gone through the Stalker-book picture meatgrinder (a perfect example) it will be too small to use as your background.

That's why I'm on MySpace & Flickr. MySpace is better than Facebook because MySpace lets you upload pictures that won't be re-sized or stripped of resolution. You can make them available only to your friends whom you can tag in the unaltered photo. When I upload my pictures to Flickr, the original is stored & available for download, in fact, it offers you the choice of downloading a re-sized version if you don't want the full size, high-res, original photo. Click on "all sizes" above each photo & you get a choice.

AOL-book does not offer you a choice. Some people seem to like the loss of quality & gated community that Junkbook is. I don't & I'm not alone. Why bother buying a good camera if you are going to use Crapbook to distribute photos? You may as well buy a 1 megapixel camera. You'll not only save money but your pictures will automatically lack detail.

You should also tell your wedding photographer to use his cell phone camera for all the photos that day.