Vampyre Girls

I spoil two vampire movies: Twilight & Let The Right One In.
Do not read any further unless you've seen Let The Right One In.
Go see it now!

HBO’s True Blood has some good ideas like artificial blood that allows vampires to integrate into society with a lobbying group, but it’s mediocre & the nudity doesn’t save it. It’s nowhere near as good as Blood Ties but it’s not as bad as Moonlight. The nudity didn’t help Rise: Blood Hunter either. It should have been shown in chronological order, instead of jumbled, out-of-sequence flashbacks. It isn't worth renting.

Tween girls waiting to see EdwardI saw Twilight opening night. It was a highly anticipated geek movie which means I was there more than an hour before the movie started. Opening night is the best time to see a geek movie because the theater is filled with fans, in this case, not genre/vampire fans but book fans, which means it was filled with tween girls who sat breathless waiting & screamed with delight when Bella & Edward finally kissed. It was great fun & just the right energy. There was a vampire fight scene which was well-done because it had little to no CGI.

It was a good popcorn movie about a human girl who meets a vampire boy. Bella is pretty & everyone at her school likes her. There are 3 boys (& 1 vampire) who want to date her. Bella is brave & independent. She is ready for a boyfriend. Edward is a brooding vampire boy who doesn't eat humans, protects her from danger & doesn't pressure her into having sex. What more could a teen girl ask for? Twilight is a PG-13 Hollywood movie.

Let The Right One In, (seriously, go see it before you read any further) on the other hand, is an R rated Swedish film with subtitles & graphic violence. It’s virtually the opposite of Twilight. It is about Oskar, a human boy who meets a vampire girl. They are only 12 (compared to Twilight's 16 year olds). Oskar isn't liked at school; he gets picked on & has violent revenge fantasies about his tormenters. Oskar is a timid & innocent boy who needs to be told by his vampire girl, Eli, to stand up for himself. He doesn't even try anything when she gets into bed with him. It’s what every bullied geek boy dreams about.

Which is why I sat in the theater & was breathlessly waiting for them to kiss. & when she finally did, Oskar & I didn't care that her mouth was covered in blood from some guy she just killed. We were both just happy that a girl kissed him!! Awesome!!

At the end when Oskar was about to be drowned in a pool (in retaliation for standing up for himself) Eli showed up. She ripped off the guy’s arm who was holding Oskar down, beheaded someone else & mauled a 3rd boy. Oskar opened his eyes & saw his little vampire girlfriend covered in blood from having just killed 3 kids. He smiled the biggest smile ever because his girlfriend was back.

Dismembered children, body parts, blood in the pool & on the floor. So of course all I could think was: "how romantic!"