Friend Sharing

Privacy on the internet is difficult to maintain, I think I do an ok job, but if someone knows my email address, forget about it. They will easily find me on Flickr, Myspace, Twitter & Failbook. With some smart searching, you can then find me on all sorts of other websites, message boards & email lists. You can even find a map to my apt! I was concerned about this last year & diagramed my web profiles in Powerpoint so I could control the flow of information & as a result I unlinked a bunch of sites. I recently made a few of those private because I don't like meeting new people. That's why you have to keep email addresses secret. I try to do this when I email my friends invitations or links, but because of spam filters, a lot of times when I blind carbon copied them to protect their email addresses, the email I sent would get treated as spam by the filter. so I started using all these social networking sites more because I knew my links would get delivered.

Despite these privacy concerns when I heard about blippy, I immediately joined so I could share all my purchases with my friends. It sounded like another way to spend time with my friends because they could see what movies I planned on watching or what parties/concerts I would be attending & we could all go together. Even though they would also see things that I bought, but web 2.0 is all about sharing, so I figured why not?

I joined but all I could link was my ebay account because linking your amazon account was disabled. In order to share my purchases I needed to sign up for online banking, so I did & while I was there I finally setup automatic transfers into my savings account. I tried linking my debit card to Blippy but it didn't work so I assumed I needed a credit card to get this thing working. After 7 years of not having one ;) I applied for one with my bank. It was pretty exciting not just because i would be sharing all these purchases but because I was getting a picture credit card! I choose a picture of me & my favorite Disney princess in the flesh! She wants to be part of my worldAfter linking my credit card to my bank accounts so I could pay my bills, I went to Blippy to link my card because I was ready to go on a spending spree. When I logged into Blippy I saw that credit card linking was now disabled! I could only link Netflix & some other random lame sites. It turns out that Blippy sucks. I'm so annoyed that I can't automatically share my purchases.

Now I have to actually interact with my friends.