Untossed Salad

For the past two years I've been eating the same sandwich at work. I don't even have to order it anymore. Lily knows exactly what to make so we chit-chat while she makes my grilled chicken wrap with pepper jack cheese, lettuce, tomatoes & olives on wheat.

But I noticed that because we were friendly she was giving me more chicken than other people & of course the wrap themselves have a bunch of calories that I don't need.

So I decided last week to start eating salad. It's basically the same thing except instead of tomatoes I have cucumbers. Luckily the cafeteria provides different flavored chicken each day. It's turning out to be more expensive than the wrap because I'm putting a lot of vegetables in the bowl. I stopped putting Olive Oil in my salad because it turns out that 2 oz is 500 calories! Even though most of that dripped down in the bowl, I was still eating a lot of it. So now I'm just using vinegar.

I never thought I'd be eating salad but I think the only reason I'm able to do so is because my mind tricks me into thinking that it's topped with cheddar cheese.

mmm cheese, hey waitaminit!

It isn't, that's shredded carrot.